Mark Labs: About Us

Mark Labs is a mission-driven software company focused on shareholder engagement analytics and management.

Since 2016, Mark Labs has been building solutions to link financial capital with cutting-edge technology in order to achieve real-world sustainability outcomes. We strive to "give capital a voice" by empowering active ownership.

What's active ownership? Active ownership, or ‘stewardship’, refers to an institutional investor’s use of its power as a stakeholder to engage portfolio companies and influence corporate behavior. Active ownership is the only means by which investors can directly improve the environmental and social impacts of companies.

Our deep commitment to purpose earned us the trust of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Development Program. At the moment, we are building relationships with leading asset managers and asset owners as we continue to unveil our exciting product lineup.

Our mission? To give financial capital the tools to build an equitable and sustainable private sector.

Meet the Team

We're a diverse and passionate team of software engineers, data scientists, ESG analysts, impact investors, and activist investors.

Kevin Barrow

Co-Founder & CEO

Jennifer Rimbach

Co-Founder & COO

Chris Wilson

Head of Sales

Saajid Sahabdeen

Head of R&D

Ahmad Mansoor

Head of Engineering

Romitta Hoff

ESG Research Lead