MARK Labs is bringing data to social impact

We are working to bring the same level of accountability seen in the financial markets to the social impact space, by enabling donors and investors to put their money to its best use.

Our name

MARK stands for Measuring Acts of Radical Kindness. We at MARK Labs are working to bring compassion and empathy to the world, while also holding nonprofits and social enterprises accountable for their actions.

Our values

At MARK Labs, we value Honesty, Trustworthiness, and Accountability. We’re open to suggestions, and we welcome dissent. We’re not just building a company, we’re also building a family, and in order to be a functional family, we’re deeply instilling a level of trust in each and every one of our team members.

Our team

We are a group of changemakers who won't settle for the status quo, who want to help others make a difference, and who embrace big challenges as big opportunities. We won’t stop until we’ve achieved our goals, and that’s what makes us the crazy little company that’s going to reinvent the way that we create social impact.