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Our Software Platform

The ESG Engagement Engine

Empowering Data-Driven Active Ownership

Access Comprehensive Stewardship & Engagement Intelligence

Identify ongoing corporate engagements across your portfolio or market-wide. Filter by company, industry, or engagement topic.

Streamline Your Workflow

Automatically log and track engagements. Easily initiate, join, and escalate engagements.

Universal Sustainability Challenges Require Universal Investor Collaboration

Easily engage and co-engage in our collaborative platform. Effectively drive real-world sustainability outcomes throughout your portfolio.

Data Visualization

Powerful data visualization and reporting capabilities. Auto-generate and export stewardship and engagement reports.

Engagement Management

Tools built for tracking and managing thousands of ongoing engagements

Seamless Integration

Integrate our data and engagement management system into your existing CRM.

Engagement Portal

Complement existing communication channels with our cloud-based secure engagement portal.

Stewardship and Engagement Intelligence

Tap into a new world of data

Leverage our unique data sets to identify new risks and opportunities. Track ongoing corporate engagements and stay ahead.

Our proprietary stewardship and engagement database is sourced from thousands of stewardship reports, engagement reports, regulatory filings, and media reports.

We continuously update and maintain our database using a combination of natural and artificial intelligence.

All data is accessible via data feeds and APIs.

Harness the Power of Data and AI to Improve Social, Financial, and Environmental Outcomes

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