Track and report impact better

By tracking impact as it happens, our platform takes the guesswork out of reporting impact.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

MARK Labs makes impact reporting efficient, transparent and accurate

Impact data matters. We make it easy to show off the fantastic work you’re doing.

Product features

Program management tool

It shouldn’t be difficult to understand what’s going on in your organization at any given moment, but for many not-for-profits, not being in the office for a day or two means needing to spend lots of time catching up on your return.

Refine processes

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where in your process you lose the most potential clients? Or where you should put a little more effort? We think so too. That’s why our product allows you to track movement between different activities

Easy interface

We break down the process into three components:

  1. Your programs
  2. Each program's activities
  3. What each activity contains

Simplified reporting

When it’s time to report to your funders what impact you’ve had, all you have to do is choose the KPIs you want to show them, and then click Generate Report. That’s it. We also make it easy to provide them with emotional, dynamic content, to encourage them to continue to fund your organization.